Adam Element iKlips miReader 4K Lightning / Micro USB 2 in 1 MicroSD Card Reader

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The best iPhone/iPad 4K Card Reader with extend storage on the go.
Lightning / Micro USB 2 in 1 microSD card readeris specially designed for the iPhone and iPad and supports iOS, PC, and Mac devices, easily share files, backup photos, and play music and videos. Now you can efficiently and quickly transmit data between iOS and other de-vices without using internet, cloud system, or iTunes. Moreover, storage capacity can be instantly expanded.


  • With a 13cm Premium Aluminum Reversible Micro USB Braid Cable
  • The best iPhone/iPad 4K Card Reader with extend storage on the go.
  • Easily share files between iOS, Mac and PC.
  • Apple MFi Certified(Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  • Record 4K video and shoot high quality raw photos directly to iKlips miReader 4K, bypassing the iPhone or iPad internal memory.
  • microSD reader supports up to 256GB cards. Easily switch microSD cards with your Android smart phone.
  • AT format allowing you to transfer single files larger than 4GB.
  • Works with your GoPro, Micro Drone, Dash Cam, even your Pro DSLR Camera. Instantly transfer all your 4K video to an iPhone/iPad Pro for playing and editing on the go and on a larger screen.
  • Ultra fast technology support up to 80 MB/s for Micro USB and Lightning 30 MB/s (subject to your microSD card).
  • Passcode Touch ID support, the world’s first iKlips app for macOS and Windows to let you easily lock/unlock files in any platform you prefer.
  • Backup, view, transfer, capture & manage all your photos, music, videos, documents directly from iKlips miReader 4K.


Apple : Devices with Apple Lightning connector

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