The Mophie wireless charge stream pad mini Black

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Topping off your battery has never been easier with the mophie wireless charge stream pad mini. Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the miniature pad and get up to 5W of charging power.

Compatible with Qi Wireless Charging Standards Designed to work seamlessly with the latest Qi technology, the charge stream pad mini delivers a safe, reliable 5W charge to virtually any Qi-enabled smartphone. Just place your phone on the non-slip surface and charging begins on contact.
Charge Through Light-Weight Cases The charge stream pad mini can charge through phone cases up to 3mm thick, so there’s no need to pull your case on and off every time you want to charge.
Compact and Portable Design The slim charge stream pad mini is the perfect travel buddy. At just 2.4 inches long, it’s easy to pack and carry, and it fits easily wherever you want to charge your phone.
Safe, Worry-Free Charging You can feel secure leaving your phone on the charge stream pad mini. Fail-safe circuitry prevents over-charging and controls temperature to prevent overheating. The low standby current ensures minimal power draw when the pad is idle.

Key Features

  • Universal wireless charging works with any Qi-enabled smartphone
    • Wirelessly delivers up to 5W of power
    • Charges on contact through lightweight cases
    • Compact, travel-friendly size
    • Rubberized with a non-slip grip
    • Engineered to deliver a safe charge

    All Qi-Enabled Phones
    Any phones with Mophie Charge Force case

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