Mous AraMax Carbon fiber Case for iPhone

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AraMax Carbon Fiber Soft Cases are extremely protective and impact resistant while maintaining a slim and elegant design. AiroShock™ reduces the impact of shocks while providing better adherence to the phone. We have further optimized the thickness and protection of our cases by increasing the density of AiroShock. Our AraMax Carbon Fiber cases are designed to be rigid and extremely well fitted to the phone, improving fall protection. AraMax Carbon Fiber cases are thin, protective, durable and perfectly adapted. All cases are lined with AiroShock™. The iPhone case frames are made of a blend of poly-carbonate and TPU and are designed with lowered edges for seamless edge-to-edge sliding. More than just a protective case. Compatible with wireless charging. Each of our cases is made from authentic materials.

Key Selling Points

  • Extremely protective and thin
  • Compatible with wireless charging

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